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Flex / ActionScript 3


  • Flex Rate Calculator

    A simple Flex web application to calculate a projects cost based on the hourly rate, and number of hours.

  • Flex Assignment Comment System (opens in new window)

    A simple Flex web application for adding comments to an assignment. The user can select from pre-defined comment, or type their own.


  • Flex Upload File

    The ActionScript 3 code for a basic file upload page done in Flex.



  • ASP.Net Drop Box

    A File upload/gallery page made in ASP.Net. If an image is selected for the upload, then a thumbnail is also made, otherwise icons are used to show the file type of the uploaded files.

  • ASP.Net Insult Generator

    An online version of a VisualBasic.Net insult generator I made in my fist year at the NSCC.




  • Input Validation System

    A re-useable class with severial functions to getting and validating user input.

  • Reduce Fraction

    Part of the larger Fraction Class, this function takes a fraction and recuces it to either the smallest fraction it can, of the smallest fraction with a whole number.



  • XML File List

    This file accepts a Query String with a directory name, and then returns a list of the files and directories in that directory. If not query string is provided, or if it is not a valid directory, then it returns the contents of the directory the this rile currently resisds