Picture of Moro River

Moro River Canadian War Cemetery

A selection of photographs of the Moro River Canadian War Cemetery, Ortona, Italy.

In 2004 my Grandfather, Uncle, and I traveled to Moro River for the 60th Anniversary of the Italian Campaign, and for a speach given on October 27th, by The Honourable Albina Guarnieri, Minister of Veterans Affairs

Picture of Hurrican Juan Aftermath

Hurricane Juan

The aftermath of Hurricane Juan's hitting Nova Scotia 30minutes into September 29th, 2003.

The Hurricane was the worst storm to hit Nova Scotia in more than 100 years, it packed 150km/h winds, caused wide scale power outages over most of Nova Scotia for more than a week, and lead to the Hurricane Center retiring the name Juan from the rotation of names.


Various pictures taken by me, that don't have enough images in a set to deserve their own gallery page.

Picture of a Church in Antwerp